3M™ E-A-R™ Push-Ins™ Earplugs NRR28, Corded - Box of 100 Pairs

Push-to-Fit Earplugs

Simply hold 3M™ Push-to-Fit Earplugs by the stem then push them into place — there is no need to roll down the foam ear tip before inserting the foam ear tip into the ear. The soft foam ear tip quickly adjusts to the shape of the ear canal to help create a noise-reducing seal. Since you don’t touch the foam ear tips, they are easy to keep clean, even when your hands are dirty or you are wearing gloves.


  • 28 dB
  • Corded
  • One Size fits Most
  • Reusable
  • Electrically Insulated

Fitting Instructions

1. INSERT rounded ear tip into ear canal WHILE PULLING ear outward & upward with opposite hand. ADJUST for greatest noise reduction.

2. CHECK FIT after inserting earplug

3. PULL earplug stem gently. Earplug should not come out of the ear easily. If it does, remove earplug & repeat fitting.

4. LISTEN to steady loud noise with earplugs in both ears. Cover ears with tightly cupped hands. Noise should sound about the same whether or not ears are covered.

5. WIPE earplugs with a clean cloth when dirty.

6. REPLACE if earplugs are damaged or when they are no longer soft and pliable.

CAUTION: For greater comfort and safety, remove earplug slowly with twisting motion to gradually break the seal.


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