Bausch & Lomb Anti-Fog Lens Cleaner Wipes with Silicone

Sight Saver Pre-Moistened Anti-Fog Tissues are individually-packaged tissues treated with an anti-fog formula for continuously clear glasses. This silicone based, anti-static formula cleans glass and plastic. They work in cold to hot and hot to cold conditions.

Perfect for heavy and light industrial, office, sports and recreation, home, toolbox, glove compartment, car or truck. Excellent for non-coated lenses—not for use on coated lenses.

Wipe Size: 5” x 8”

Fog-free in the following conditions

30°F ­ 71°F at 65% relative humidity

30°F ­ 105°F at 100% relative humidity

71°F ­ 105°F at 100% relative humidity


  • Brush off any dirt or grit from the lens.
  • Remove and unfold pre-moistened tissue.
  • Clean both sides of the lens thoroughly. A slight haze may form on same lenses. If so, continue to rub the lens surfaces until clear.
  • As the tissue dries, it will begin to polish the lens to a clear fog-free finish.

Do not use on contact lenses or coated lenses.


Disclaimer: This product may be substituted with another brand if not in stock.